About Me

Who is Tahir Miah?

I’m Tahir, a b2b freelance SEO consultant based in the UK, whose main goal is to increase the number of leads for businesses across the UK.

I have years of experience as an SEO consultant working with clients of all sizes in including bluechip companies and national UK based companies in a range of industries. This allows my clients to benefit from insights and expertise that are based on hands-on experience and what actually works to achieve your business goals and objectives.

The Early Years

After dropping out of university, I taught myself SEO to find a new career path. Fast forward to 2022 and I am an experienced SEO who can create a bespoke SEO campaign that is strategically designed to increase organic traffic and generate new leads.

My Values

I am a passionate SEO who is always looking to learn new information and methods to improve my own knowledge and the SEO campaigns of my clients. I believe in being honest and transparent and I aim to work closely with clients to ensure we are on the same path to achieving your goals.

A Strong Focus On Leads

I put leads at the heart of every SEO deliverable and I aim to ensure you receive an ROI on your SEO investment.  I stick to what works and I ensure we can track and measure the results of the SEO campaign.