B2B Content Marketing Services

Most businesses at some point look to invest in building content. Why? Content marketing has been proven time and again to deliver success and meet business objectives.

As one of the most effective methods to grow an audience, increasing your brand's visibility and driving sales. Investing in content marketing services is critical to the success of your business.

My approach to content marketing begins with data. I don't create content for the present moment, I look at what content your customer wants to see and what will establish you as an authority in your industry.

By gaining an understanding of what's already working, I will look to reverse-engineer your competitor's success and ensure your business is not falling behind the pack.

B2B Content Marketing Services I Offer

I offer a wide range of content marketing services that are all tailored to the needs of the client and all the content marketing tasks I offer focus on increasing organic traffic and keyword rankings. 

Content marketing services include:

  • Keyword gap analysis - The keyword gap analysis allows me to view your competitor's keyword rankings and compare them with the keywords you are currently ranking for. We will use the findings as 'seed' keywords for content creation.

  • Content topic ideation - Using the keywords found in the keyword gap analysis, I expand on these to create relevant, targeted topics for new content.

  • Content calendar setup - A simple, structured calendar that contains all your content in one location.

  • Detailed content briefs - Each blog content will receive a detailed content brief that can be passed to a copywriter of any skillset.

Why Hire Me As Your Content Marketing Consultant?

I have years of B2B content marketing experience working with both international and national companies. Although their budget may be different, the end goal is often the same; to increase brand visibility and organic traffic, rank for keywords, establish themselves as experts in their industry and increase sales.

I operate remotely meaning you will get affordable content marketing services without sacrificing quality.  The majority of SEO agency's structure their pricing to compensate for high overheads, like office rent, staff salary, etc. This results in the end client paying for retainers that are designed to keep the marketing agency's light on, whilst SEO services are an afterthought. Working with me, you won't have to worry about where your money is going and I will work closely with you to ensure we meet your business goals.

Every content marketing campaign is tailored to your needs and every content marketing deliverable is designed to grow your audience, develop brand presence and drive sales. I am honest and transparent and there are no smoke and mirrors when hiring me as your content marketing consultant.

Why You Need B2B Content Marketing Services

Your business needs content marketing to ensure you are answering questions your customers may have. Answering your customer's questions helps build trust, develops relationships, improve sales and generates leads. 

Along with link building and good on-page SEO, ensuring your business is consistently producing high-quality, engaging content has many benefits including; improving organic traffic and ranking for more keywords.

When you hire me as a content marketing consultant, I will ensure we are creating new pages that are populated with optimised, engaging content designed to rank and resonate with your audience.

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Content Marketing FAQs

Do you do one-off content marketing SEO projects?

Yes. I do one-off content marketing projects across a number of deliverables. One-off deliverables include; keyword gap analysis, content topic ideation, detailed content briefs, etc.

How much does content marketing cost?

Each client's needs are different and I tailor my pricing to the needs of the client. Generally speaking, the more keywords we want to target, the more content we will need. The more content we need, the higher the cost will be.

What does a content marketing specialist do?

A content marketing specialist is someone who is responsible for ensuring a website's content is optimised and engaging to a target audience.

What can a content marketing expert do for you? 

An experienced content marketing expert can help build your brand, by creating engaging content that answers your customer’s questions. This can result in more brand visibility, an increase in organic traffic and rankings and most importantly more leads and sales.

What are the basics of content marketing?
  1. Understand your business objectives - The whole point of content marketing is to achieve a business goal. In order to achieve this goal, we need to know what our goals are.  Examples of business goals include; brand awareness, leads and sales generation, brand reputation, etc. On our initial consultation call, I will discuss with you what your business goals are and how we can achieve this with B2B content marketing.

  2. Understand your audience’s pain points - The whole point of creating content is to answer customers questions and solve their pain points. To understand their pain points, I will work with you to create audience personas to ensure all of our content targets your customers and solve their pain points.

  3. Create a content strategy - Creating a content strategy is important as it lays the foundation of all of our future content. I use a data-driven approach to reverse engineer your competitor’s success and plan out all future content in a simple, easy-to-understand content calendar. I will ensure we don’t fall behind your competitors and we, over time, dominate the competitive landscape.

  4. Identify the metrics you want to measure - To prove the value of my content marketing services, I will discuss with you the best way we should measure the success of our content marketing efforts. The metrics we choose to track and measure will tie back to our initial business goals. Common metrics to track are related to an increase in traffic, engagement or leads.

  5. Create engaging, user-focused content - Creating optimised content is at the bottom of our priority. Why? Because all of the research and legwork has already been established in previous steps. I will create detailed content briefs to ensure whoever writes the content, can easily create engaging content with minimal effort.
How will you use data to inform a content strategy?

 I will use industry-standard software and tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to review, track and measure the current performance of your content and to create new content. All this data will help me create new pages that will meet your business goals.